Car ownership rights

My partner took out a loan so I could buy a car. I paid instalments but car was purchased in his name a is log book but insurance in my name with him as name driver. The car cost £6400, when we split I had paid him £1,700 and left him the car. In the mean time I borrowed £7000 from my mother and purchased another car. We got back together after 2 months, he had kept the car and told me to sell mine and buy the car back off of him which I did. I sold car for £6400 which is what I had to give him for the original car. To this day (4 months later) he has never given me a receipt or the log book but insurance back in my name. I have no records of giving him any money as he always wanted cash. I feel as though I have been ripped off. I have paid for all maintenance which has turned out to be very costly and tax as well as the insurance. Over £8000 for a car that cost him £6400....please can you help and explain if I have any rights at all

teejay  (Level 1)
21 Nov 2016, published
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