Drink driving Ban

Hi all, think I probably know the answer to this one, but ill ask it anyway.
20/09/2016 I was handed a 22 month driving ban for drink driving.
It was commuted to 18 month.....then reduced to 14 months as I was offered the drink driving course.
So I have about 10/11 months to go.
The drink driving offence was the tip of a very long story...no previous with law enforcement, no driving bans or points.
I left the armed forces 2013 after being wounded in Afghanistan, and suffer greatly from PTSD.
My wife of 28yrs left me, my girlfriend....left me sometime later.
I was having regular flash backs to some of the not so nice things id been involved with and seen.
The night in question I was in a night club...the car was parked some distance away.
There was an altercation, I fled from the scene, I freaked out jumped in car and drove maybe quarter of a mile before being stopped.
I took breathalyser and was twice over limit.
Since leaving the Parachute Regiment on return from Afghanistan and subsequent recovery, I started work as an HGV class 1 truck driver....again impeccable record.
I was earning 1200 a week self employed, lived in a lovely house with my son.
Now I live in a bedsit on 73 pounds per week, and contemplate suicide on a daily basis, my son has had to live with his gf in another part of the country, my world has fallen apart, I cant work, ive tried to find employment, im now 51 truck driving is all I can do.
My current situation is ruining my health, and im spiralling downwards, being helped by various charities and living on hand outs.
My question is.....could there be any leniency shown? I need to work, for my own pride integrity and health as im fading fast.
Or because the original sentence was 22 month even then half would be a year? which would leave me in the same situation?
Like I say, im all to aware I probably aware of the answer....but I guess im just hoping

airbornepara  (Level 1)
20 Dec 2016, published