My ex and the "Car"

I bought a car for my now ex, because he promised to pay and be responsible, that his credit was messed up and would get it himself if he could. I fell for it. He has never helped me, get's tickets, towed, tolls, etc. on the car. I can't afford pay insurance for the car and my car. I'm financially broke and struggling to make ends meet. We broke up a year ago and do not live together. Am I responsible for carrying insurance on the car? I live in Florida. I have one more year to go and it has collateral insurance on it, because I can't pay for insurance and put him on my insurance. I once did that and they was charging me $695 for two cars. I begged and pleaded with him to get insurance, but he has not. What can I do?

farren-loglesby  (Level 1)
26 Jul 2017 20:05, updated
16 Jan 2017, published
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